[Imota x Coinsavi] The 100,000 $OTARA Ceremony Pool to congrat our partner

[Imota x Coinsavi] The 100,000 $OTARA Ceremony Pool to congrat our partner

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To celebrate the special milestone of Coinsavi partner as they launch their WhitePaper, we hold a special event called “Ceremony Pool: 100,000 Otara for Community” to incentivize the whole users of both side with unparalleled and enormous reward pool at Otara Wheel. Let’s delve into this awesome event to catch your prize with 100% of winning chance.

How to join?

Regardless of whether you are an Imota or Coinsavi user, you are able to join the program “Ceremony Pool: 100,000 Otara for Community” with no hesitation. Below are the event details:
Ceremony Pool: 100,000 Otara tokens for users
How to play
At Otara Wheel: users can (1) link their Coinsavi account to Imota account and get 1 spin or (2) follow our X to get 1 spin
- User get 1 spin and 0.5 Otara after completing the action (1). User get 1 spin after completing the action (2). The winning chance of these missions is higher than others.
Who can join
(1) Imota users and (2) Coinsavi users
From 04/06/2024 - to 30/06/2024. We might close the event soon if we distribute completely the reward pool before this duration.
Reward Pool
100,000 OTARA

Detailed Guide

First of all, access your Imota app and check the mission board in Otara Wheel as below:
  1. Download Coinsavi to create the account using the same email in Imota
  1. Link your account from Imota to Coinsavi (only for first-time user)
notion image
(*) Note: correctly submit your email address to match with the system data
  1. Get more spin with following missons:
notion image
The reward will be automatically added to your Imota account. With each spin in Otara Wheel, you can earn up to 10 Otara and have the chance to get x10 your reward by watching 1 ad.
If you encounter the issue when experiencing the event in Imota app, feel free to connect with our Customer Support for immediate assistance (via Live Chat)
Let’s join with us and share this unique event with your Coinsavi/Imota community to make their lucky day! 100,000 Otara is on the way!
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