Grab a minimum $1000 USDT Jackpot for free!

Grab a minimum $1000 USDT Jackpot for free!

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No risk, all reward – join our free $1000 USDT Jackpot now!

Welcome to Ota Jackpot – the thrilling game where luck meets life-changing rewards! Get ready to turn your dreams into reality and experience the excitement of winning big. Join now and let your luck shine!
An enjoyable jackpot drawing, Ota Jackpot, is a part of the Imota ecosystem. You are free to join with no cost; you just need to download Imota to your phone and follow this progress:
Play Ota Scratch => Earn Lucky Points => Redeem Jackpot Ticket.
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Every month, Imota holds the result announcement through AMA on Youtube Channel to find out the winners. Hence, no matter who you are, where you live, this is an outstanding and globalized play zone for you with no cost.

How to join Ota jackpot

In order to exchange your Lucky points for Jackpot tickets, you must first earn Lucky points from Ota Scratch . The LPoints are accumulated from Ota Scratch  and are the main key for you to dive into our Ota Jackpot. The more LPoints you get, the more tickets you can redeem.
  • Users earn LPoints from Scratch and Win in Imota.
  • Users redeem JackPot ticket with their LPoints, following the rate: 5 LPoints = 1 Jackpot ticket
  • Each Jackpot ticket has 6 numbers, including 5 numbers (1-45) and 1 Jackpot number (1-25)
  • You can choose the numbers by yourself or by Imota random mechanism
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Note: Redeem your Jackpot ticket using only your LPoints; there is no cost or purchase necessary.
The drawing will take place during our live AMA session on YouTube every month at @imotawallet. To receive announcements and view results immediately, subscribe our channel.


When it comes to Jackpot Prize, the payout begins at a minimum of $1,000 USDT and can be accumulated. A variety of prizes will be awarded, including the JackPot Prize, First Prize (I), Second Prize (II), and Third Prize (III).
JackPot prize:
With a starting prize of 1,000 USDT, the Jackpot keeps getting bigger every month until someone hits the winning combination!!
The match is when it gets 6 numbers correct and in the right order with the result.
The Jackpot prize will be equally divided if there are many winners.
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Matching numbers
JackPot Grand Prize
5 numbers + 1 JackPot number
$ Current Prize
1st Prize
4 numbers + 1 JackPot number
2nd Prize
3 numbers + 1 JackPot number
500 LPoints
3rd Prize
2 numbers + 1 JackPot number
50 LPoints

The eligible winner and reward redemption

After the result is exposed from the live draw, winners follow this guide to redeem the prizes. Winners have the specified time frame for reward redemption. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.
Winners are required to provide the necessary information and comply with Imota’s verification and identity confirmation processes.
Imota arranges the monthly award ceremony that Jackpot Prize and Scratcher winners are welcome to attend at a suitable location. In other words, we will notify winners in advance to come up with the best reward distribution.
We instantly transfer the LPoints awarded by Ota Jackpot to the winners' accounts. By using those LPoints, users can keep redeeming Jackpot tickets.
Having free opportunities to enter the JackPot drawing and win the cash prize is amazing, is not it? A simple game can bring you into the big world! “Jackpot” your income, “jackpot” your day now!
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