55,000 Otara pool in Otara Wheel - How to join and get it?

55,000 Otara pool in Otara Wheel - How to join and get it?

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Hey, we’ve just cooperated together, but we don’t stop at the product development, we move to benefit our users by huge reward pools when interacting with our both platforms.


Mission 1: Connect Coinsavi account, receive 1 Otara and 03 spins
  • Download the Coinsavi application (CLICK HERE) > create an account with the email you used for Imota. Besides, if you are an existing user from Coinsavi, please download the Imota application (HERE) to create an Imota account.
  • Access Imota, at the Mining homepage, tap the Otara Wheel icon on the right corner of the screen.
  • Select “Today Missions, click “Connect Coinsavi account” to join the task
  • Enter exactly your Coinsavi email including the uppercase letters (once again: must match Imota email), then click“Submit”
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Who is eligible?
  • Users who log in Imota and Coinsavi with the same email address
After completion, we will automatically add 3 spins and 1 Otara to yours. With these 3 spins, continue to try your luck at Otara Wheel!
Mission: Watch the Coinsavi banner to receive 1 spin
  • Open your Imota app (if you haven't downloaded it yet, click HERE to have yours)
  • Log in to your Imota account.
  • On the homepage, click the Otara Wheel icon on the right corner of the screen
  • Scroll down to the "Today Missions", tap Coinsavi Banner to open the message from
    • notion image
      notion image
Who is eligible?
  • Users have Imota account

About the reward

The MEGA REWARD POOL is up to 55,000 Otarra. It includes 5,000 Otara for the “Coinsavi banner” and 50,000 Otara for the connecting mission.
Promotion period: from now to February 24, 2024. We will end the missions if all the rewards have been distributed.
Let’s share these golden chances with your team, your friends and your downlines to receive our limited incentives. We encourage you for the future of a supportive community and the thriving ecosystem!
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