Announcement: Imota officially partners with Coinsavi crypto currency exchange in the decentralized earning revolution

Announcement: Imota officially partners with Coinsavi crypto currency exchange in the decentralized earning revolution

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Coinsavi becomes Imota's next strategic partner in 2024, marking a strong evolution in investment experience and Imota's ecosystem expansion.


On January 24, 2024, to kick-start the year of strongly building the Imota ecosystem and applications, we are honored to announce a strategic partnership with Coinsavi, one of the credible cryptocurrency exchanges in the market trusted by thousands of investors. This opens a new chapter in bringing an enhanced and diverse crypto investment experience to users on both platforms in the Blockchain workspace.
Imota endeavors to create a balanced community where everyone can access a decentralized income source corresponding with their contribution to the ecosystem. The partnership with Coinsavi will be the next important part in this journey, as we are both committed to bringing the most value to users in optimizing their web3 experience streams.

About Coinsavi

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Coinsavi has built a solid positioning and a good reputation in the cryptocurrency industry even though it was launched not long ago thanks to its abundant system with more than 350 coins and high-end security apparatus including 23 layers, ensuring the user's investment process is always smooth and fast. The combination of Coinsavi's diverse advantages and optimized security system along with Imota's pioneering vision and open ecosystem features promises to bring a safe, flexible and progressive investment setting for the community.
Currently, Coinsavi is ranked as one of the exchanges providing the most types of coins in the world. Coinsavi's platform not only provides various investment experiences but also allows users to participate in a free mining program. By owning the SAVI token from Coinsavi and the OTARA token from the Imota, you will accrue more and more potential investment chances and abundant income every day with the optimal resources.
The SAVI mining program right on Coinsavi's cryptocurrency exchange application has attracted a large number of investors and miners thanks to its reliability and a combining feature with a partner like Remitano. This combination not merely enhances service quality but also creates a rare opportunity for users to participate in the crypto mining race with special incentives during their crypto investment.

User benefits

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  • Modern investment experience: users feel completely safe while using the services of Imota and our strategic partners. In addition to the trading process and investment asset management being linked for a smooth experience across platforms, Imota & Coinsavi also provide linked customer service, helping users understand the benefits comprehensively.
  • Unique mining incentives: abundant income opportunities from free token mining programs. Imota and Coinsavi users will benefit from the participation in free mining schemes from both platforms. Partnership will help the community of similar users grow and have opportunities to interact.
  • Mega reward pool: To mark this meaningful milestone, Imota and Coinsavi will organize many events with an amount of bonus up to 55,000 Savi and 55,000 Otara. This is a great time for users to not only enrich their investment experience but also receive free rewards through simple missions. You don’t want to miss the updated information on our application to seize the occasion to participate as soon as possible!


Together with the enthusiastic support from the Imota and Coinsavi’ user communities, we believe that this partnership will be an important breakthrough, opening up new investment journeys and shaping the positive future of the cryptocurrency industry, paving the way for sustainable development and decentralized earning solutions for all users.
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