Imota Update Game Features - Don't Miss Out!

Imota Update Game Features - Don't Miss Out!

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Ota Pop game released

In version 2.12, Imota has added the Games feature - helping users relax with interesting and attractive games.
Opening the series of Games on the Imota app is the Ota Pop game modeled on the hit Candy Crush, helping players relax after hours of work and earn stress.
Currently, Imota is continuing to develop new games to help users have more choices and more diverse experiences. Update version 2.12 now to experience the new game!
Download the Imota app at the link:

How to play the Ota Pop game?

Step 1: Log in to the Imota app => Go to Games => Select the game you want to play.
Currently, Imota has just released the Ota Pop game and is still developing new games. Try playing Ota Pop while waiting for more hot games to come.
In the meantime, let us know your review so we can improve and provide the best user experience.
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Step 2: Click Ota Pop and start to play!
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