IMOTA X WEEK 2023 - The weekly Airdrop event for newbie

IMOTA X WEEK 2023 - The weekly Airdrop event for newbie

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This will be the best Airdrop Event of 2023 ever! No matter who you are, just download Imota Wallet now and start winning weekly, monthly top prizes and be the Captain with MEGA BOUNTY 2023 worth 25,000 $OTARA and 4,000 $BUSD!

What is “ IMOTA X WEEK”?

X Week Event will open once a week on our Zealy Community and keep you informed on Imota Twitter/Fanpage.
Participants can join the Zealy, complete all the opening Quests to accumulate XP. The 100 weekly eligible users who earn the highest XP will receive a total prize of 1,000 $OTARA/week.
HIGHLIGHT: Participants must have an Imota wallet to receive the rewards, as well as meet the criteria to be the eligible participants.
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The week's challenges are fun,easy and diverse, promising to excite you and the crypto community during the downtrend period!


Participants join here to keep you informed and compete in the Event when the weekly Quests are opened.
Zealy Community:
Updated announcement:
Note: Only new users in the month of the event period will be eligible to become the winners.
The weekly Airdrop Pool is 1,000 $OTARA for top 100 eligible winners who have the highest XP. The monthly Airdrop Pool is 200 $BUSD for top 20 winners of this month.

ROAD TO THE OTARIAN CHAMPIONS 2023 - Special Event of the Year

Winners not only receive the weekly and monthly prize pool, but are also invited back to compete in the final round named OTARIAN CHAMPIONS 2023 - where a MEGA POOL of 5,000 $OTARA and $1,000 BUSD is gathered for the TOP 3 OVERALL WINNERS.
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Reward & Benefit

  1. Weekly level: Top 100 eligible winners will get 10 $OTARA each
  1. Monthly level: Top eligible winners will get shared total of 200 $USDT
  1. Top 3 of OTARIAN CHAMPIONS 2023: be enjoyed the MEGA POOL worth 5,000 $OTARA and 1,000 $BUSD


  • The Golden ticket to become our Ambassador with no condition
  • The higher commission and VIP customer services
  • Certification and Leader Title in Global Imota Community
  • The opportunity to lead our miner communities in specific areas
  • Be the guests and speakers of Imota AMA and the robust events
  • Be supported to contribute your owned miner community and sponsored in communication by Imota

Who can join?

  • A new user who create Imota Wallet in the period of IMOTA X WEEK 2023
  • Global users are able to join X WEEK at anytime
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