How to join Imota Mainnet Queue successfully (Enroll in Standard & Priority Queue)

How to join Imota Mainnet Queue successfully (Enroll in Standard & Priority Queue)

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The Imota Mainnet Checklist, an integral stage of our ecosystem, serves as a meticulous validation mechanism, ensuring the authenticity of users through their engagement and contributions. The rigorous completion of Mainnet Checklist is paramount, establishing genuine data and identified accounts as prerequisites for a seamless migration to Mainnet.

Initial steps to check your Imota Mainnet Checklist status

For existing users:
  1. Navigating to the Mainnet Checklist within the Imota app's home-tab
  1. Opting for missions, and accruing a minimum of 100 points, leads to recognition in the Mainnet queue under the Standard Queue badge.
  1. Actively contributing to the Imota community by inviting friends with a referral code not only earns higher points (50 points for 1 friend) but also qualifies users for the prestigious Priority queue badge, offering exclusive benefits in the future.
For new users:
  1. You are encouraged to join Imota right now by downloading the app HERE and promptly enrolling in the Mainnet queue.
  1. Starting mining and conquering the offered tasks
  1. The user-friendly to-do checklist accommodates all levels of expertise, providing a straightforward avenue for users to immerse themselves in the Imota ecosystem and reap their deserved earnings.

Step-by-step instruction to enroll and reach the points

Embarking on the journey to enroll in Imota's Mainnet Checklist is a systematic process designed for users seeking a seamless transition into the blockchain workspace.
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Here are the step-by-step guidance:
  1. Firstly, download the Imota app from your Google Store or App Store.
  1. Next, sign in using your Google email or Apple ID, or you can choose the option to access Guest mode using a Guest ID.
  1. Navigate to the Home-tab, where you can easily monitor your Mainnet Checklist status and point progress bar.
  1. Successfully registering for the Mainnet queue requires reaching a minimum of 100 points, marking your readiness for Mainnet progress at any given time.
The mission broad and the related points (updating):
Install Imota
5 points
Create Account
5 points
App Store/Play Store Review
10 points
Watch Ads
1 point/ad (maximum 20 points)
Invite 01 friend
50 points
Invite more friends
10 points/friend
Mining streak 7 days
10 points
Mining streak 30 days
10 points
The strategic completion of offered missions in the checklist is the next pivotal step, tailored to your individual strategy. Imota encourages robust contribution to the community, particularly in promoting the platform to friends to enhance points in the inviting mission. Notably, maintaining a daily streak in expanding your Otara is a mission in the Mainnet Checklist, emphasizing consistent engagement.
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Additionally, participants are urged to stay attentive to Seasonal Events throughout the year, providing opportunities to earn Mainnet points and contribute to the Imota ecosystem. Patience and anticipation for forthcoming seasonal events in the Imota app are key to maximize benefits and ensure a successful Mainnet journey.

Conquer Standard queue badge and Priority queue badge

Achieving recognition in Imota's Mainnet is a structured process marked by the attainment of two distinct badges – the Standard queue badge and the Priority queue badge. To enroll in the Standard queue, users must diligently accumulate 100 points through the Mainnet Checklist. This achievement is solidified with the certification status "You are qualified for the Mainnet" and the "Standard queue" badge.
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The Priority queue, on the other hand, acknowledges users who actively contribute to the community by inviting qualified friends. To secure a place in the Priority queue, users must first meet the Standard Queue as accumulating 100 points. Additionally, having 10 downlines who maintain more than three consecutive days of mining will warrant the esteemed Priority Queue, reinforcing the significance of both individual achievement and community contribution in the Imota ecosystem.
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Keep going with your Mainnet queue badge

Participate in Imota's free Otara token mining program, a limited-time opportunity available until the platform prepares for its Mainnet launch in the 4th quarter of 2024. While eagerly accumulating Mainnet points to secure the powerful Mainnet queue badge, it is crucial not to overlook the daily mining activities. Consistently engage in mining operations every day to enhance your mining power, ensuring you maximize your potential rewards and unlock substantial treasures before the imminent Mainnet stage. This strategic approach aligns with Imota's commitment to providing users with valuable opportunities and benefits as they actively contribute to the platform's growth and success.
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In a nutshell

Imota's Mainnet Checklist offers a systematic path to Mainnet enrollment. Users download the app, complete the Checklist, and accumulate 100 points for the Standard queue badge. Priority Queue access is granted for those meeting Standard criteria and inviting 10 qualified friends with 3 continuous mining days. The free Otara mining program, available until Q4 2024, rewards users. It emphasizes consistent mining for increased power, ensuring substantial gains before Mainnet. Imota's approach combines individual achievement with community contribution, fostering a robust and engaged ecosystem.
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