New! Invitation Link: Share One Link, "Stick" Your Friends

New! Invitation Link: Share One Link, "Stick" Your Friends

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The launched Imota 3.3.1 version, updated on the morning of March 6, 2024, has made many improvements, helping users enjoy the function of inviting friends and expanding their network when participating in mining on Imota.


Users need to update to the latest version on App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) or click "Update" in the notification in the app. The highlights of this 3.3.1 version include:
New feature: Referral link
  • Each user owns a unique referral link that can be sent via messages or shared on any social media platform.
  • Automatically apply the referral code for downlines when they click on your invitation link and download the app
  • Update of your downline status when friends successfully install the app from the invitation link
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In addition, the new version also successfully fixes bugs related to the advertising repository and the distribution of ad rewards after watching. Thereby, we commit to bringing the best and smoothest user experience to the community through a diverse partnership that constantly innovates according to user needs.
Notably, Guest users can link to a Google/ Apple ID account for easy management and access to their account in the future.
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It seems that you can't wait any longer and want to explore this convenience right away! Rest assured, we will guide you with step-by-step instructions below, so that each invitation and every click on your referral link will bring the best effectiveness!
Step 1: Log in/sign up your Imota account
Step 2: Move to the Referral tab
Step 3: At the place of your referral code, click the “share” icon
Step 4: Choose the platform you want to send the referral invitation to your friends (publicly on Facebook, X, or private messaging platforms)
Step 5: Click to post the content and you have successfully shared your referral code with your unique app download link
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To motivate your friends to click on your link and become your downline, you can tag your friends in the caption so that everyone knows who you are sending the invitation to.
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Plus, with your creativity and enthusiasm, feel free to modify the content of the invitation to make your friends feel more interested and familiar.
For example, you can upload more images about your Otara mining journey, or the stunning rewards you received from Imota before posting the invitation. It may make people on social networks engaged and eager to click on your invitation link immediately.
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Try this outstanding feature on your device on the double and let us know how your friends react! With this convenient evolution, veteran miners and even solo miners will not hesitate to have their own quality teammates, will they?