Join Imota's Mainnet Checklist to achieve Standard Queue status for Mainnet

Join Imota's Mainnet Checklist to achieve Standard Queue status for Mainnet

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In the Imota Mainnet Checklist, users complete simple and engaging tasks to earn points. When users reach 100 Mainnet Checklist points, they will join the Standard Queue and be recognized with a corresponding badge on the app. Users can be ready to enter Mainnet with Imota if they achieve this badge.

Imota Mainnet Checklist is launched

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After a rigorous preparation period, the Mainnet Checklist has officially launched on the Imota app. This checklist consists of 3 main sections to help miners prepare for the upcoming Mainnet in the fourth Quarter of 2024:
  • Guide users on joining the Mainnet Checklist and getting ready for Mainnet
  • List of tasks in the Mainnet Checklist
  • Rankings and badges certifying accounts for Mainnet Queues (Standard and Priority)
Before the token is listed on exchanges, the development team and users will have to participate in the preparation phase to bring data onto the blockchain network, called Mainnet. Simply put, Mainnet is a crucial step to help blockchain and audit conditions for project data, including users and their account information, to move data into a public space.
Mainnet not only marks a technical development milestone for the project, but also reviews and re-approves all features, activities and accounts. The project must ensure these elements function properly before stepping into the public network to validate continuity, transparency and credibility when operating on the blockchain.

Why should you definitely join the Mainnet Checklist?

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The Mainnet Checklist is a collection of tasks aimed at verifying account owners' identities and values. Imota's Mainnet Checklist includes many tasks from simple to advanced, encouraging users to participate in building and shaping the community with the project at different levels. This allows the system to identify and authenticate accounts' reliability and transparency, eliminating the use of fraudulent means.

What does the Checklist include?

The Checklist features activities that authenticate users while growing the Imota community, like downloading the app, registering, inviting friends,...etc and joining Special Events. The interactive structure rewards genuine commitment in an inclusive manner.
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Install Imota
5 points
Create Account
5 points
AppStore/Play Store Review
10 points
Watch Ads
1 point/ad (maximum 20 points)
Invite 01 friend
50 points
Invite more friends
10 points/friend
Mining streak 7 days
10 points
Mining streak 30 days
10 points
✨ On the Mainnet Checklist, we highly value community-building tasks. This not only carries great meaning for the project and user community, but also has high efficacy in the process of verifying and evaluating account quality.
Tasks that build the community by sharing Imota and inviting friends to participate will occupy an important portion of the 100 points. Users who earn 100 points will be automatically verified by the system and successfully join the Standard Queue to prepare for Mainnet.

Standard Queue and Priority Queue

Accounts that achieve either the Standard Queue or Priority Queue badges meet the criteria to participate in Mainnet. Users can join the Standard Queue or Priority Queue by completing tasks in the Mainnet Checklist. Specifically:
  • Standard Queue: Users register for the Standard Queue by earning a minimum of 100 points when completing tasks in Imota's Mainnet Checklist
  • Priority Queue: Users register for the Priority Queue by meeting Standard Queue criteria and completing additional special community-building tasks.
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Joining the Queues early and earning verification badges ensure your data is always verified and ready for the important Mainnet launch anytime.


For the Imota community, 2024 will be a year focused on verifying and expanding Imota's ecosystem contributions, and also a rare opportunity for newcomers who have just joined to immediately join Mainnet Queues. Please share this important information with your community and mining teams to seize this limited chance!
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