The Mystery Box lands at Imota! Explore your gifts now

The Mystery Box lands at Imota! Explore your gifts now

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Suddenly, in recent days, the Otarian community has been abuzz and obsessed with discussions about Mystery Box—the presents that have appeared abundantly on the Imota app. Surprisingly, the Imota team has made Mystery Boxes—true to its name—an incredibly novel and exciting feature available to users without prior notice. Let's delve into the secret behind these boxes.

Mystery Box - a new feature on the Imota app

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The project team has just launched and integrated a new feature into Imota called Mystery Box. These gift boxes will randomly appear on your screen while you are logged into Imota. The more you visit the Imota app in a day, the more chances you have to receive Mystery Boxes.
Similar to Airdrop events but with an exclusive version for Otarians, Mystery Box is a gift box with random and infinite rewards, directly given to users on the Imota app. We want to highlight the community's engagement and contribution and show appreciation to our users with a unique and fair rewards system for all individuals.

What's inside the Mystery Box?

A UNIQUE AND UNPARALLELED REWARD POOL, with limitless rewards. The more you access the app, the more Mystery Boxes will appear. Behind these gift boxes, you have the chance to receive:
VALUABLE MAINNET POINTS in the Mystery Box. The opportunity to receive additional Mainnet Checklist points lies behind these gift boxes. If you're looking to earn more Mainnet points and quickly reach the queue, Mystery Box is the secret’s key for you.
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RANDOM OTARA TOKENS. Not only Mainnet points, but in the Mystery Box, you also get rewarded with Otara tokens. Now, you have another chance to obtain Otara besides maintaining mining and spinning in the Lucky Wheel.
LUCKY WHEEL SPINS to raise your luck. You'll grab the chance to receive spins and use it in the Lucky Wheel. Spins will be permanent, and you can use them whenever you want.
The rewards received will automatically be added to your account. Each individual has the opportunity to receive attractive gifts by just visiting the app regularly. The system is doing its best to "drop" gift boxes into your screen.

How to get Mystery Boxes every day

There are Mystery boxes available for everyone every day! We extend a unique gift with boundless rewards to all miners who participate in the ecosystem.
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When users are using Imota, Mystery Boxes will show up in the app as pop-up windows. They will be dropped into users' apps 3 times a day. The more you interact with the Imota app and the longer you stay active, the more times you receive Mystery Boxes.
To open a Mystery Box, you'll watch an advertisement. This also helps demonstrate your interaction with and contribution to the platform. After the ad ends, the Mystery Box will open, revealing the incredible gift inside.
And here's the important reminder! Visit Imota right now to experience our app and be steady and patient to pick up your Mystery Box when it lands. Grab it radically!
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