Announcing Ota Scratch Winner - Victor Oladimeji

Announcing Ota Scratch Winner - Victor Oladimeji

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Meet our Ota Scratch game winner, Victor Oladimeji, who won 100 USDT by playing Imota's exciting scratch game. Join now and win Lpoints & USDT!
We are excited to announce Victor Oladimeji as another prize winner. He secured his win by matching 6 Otara symbols, which appeared randomly during the Ota Scratch game on May 19th.
Imota conducted a meeting with Mr. Victor Oladimeji to confirm his win and proceed with the rewarding process.
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Victor is a dedicated member of the Imota community and has been actively mining Otara tokens for over 15 months. His consistent participation in our games has finally paid off, earning him a prize in the recent Ota Scratch game.

Victor’s Share on Winning Ota Scratch

Victor shared his enthusiasm with us, saying, "I've been mining Otara tokens for more than 15 months. I have been playing Ota Scratch for fun. I didn't know I could scratch 6 Otara gems at a go. It's just too good to be true. Now I know Imota has come to stay and it's authentic. I'm so happy."
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Victor’s social share on the winning Ota Scratch
Victor Oladimeji, a dedicated miner of Otara tokens for over 15 months, initially played Ota Scratch just for fun. He could hardly believe his eyes when he scratched off six Otara gems in one go. "It's just too good to be true," Victor exclaimed. This win has cemented his faith in Imota's authenticity and longevity. Overflowing with happiness, Victor plans to invest half of his prize in cryptocurrency and cash out the other half to enjoy precious moments with his family. He adds with a laugh, "I will invest half of it in crypto and cash out the other half and feel good with my family." Although thrilled with his win, Victor still has questions about the Ota Jackpot. “About Ota Jackpot, I still don't know if I will win. But I have more than 26 played tickets already,” he mentioned, highlighting his curiosity and ongoing engagement with the platform.
Victor's experience further proves the excitement and joy that Ota Scratch brings to our community. Congratulations to Victor!

What is Ota Scratch?

Ota Scratch is a free-to-play game in Imota where users collect and scratch cards to win exciting prizes like Lpoints and up to 100 USDT. It’s simple, engaging, and rewarding!
Stay tuned to meet our next prize winner and hear their amazing journey with Imota!
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