Ota Scratch: Simple Steps to Win 100 USDT

Ota Scratch: Simple Steps to Win 100 USDT

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(*) Due to legislative constraints, these features will initially be accessible only in a restricted number of countries.

Ota Scratch is an exciting new game that lets you win lucky points (LPoints) and a weekly special prize of $100 USDT by scratching cards and matching symbols. It's a fresh, entertaining way to earn rewards from the Imota ecosystem. The more you use the Imota app and reveal the lucky symbols hidden beneath the scratch cards, the closer you get to your lucky days.
Joining is completely free; no fees or investments are required. Here's how to get started!

How to play

Scratch off the Ota scratch card to reveal the hidden symbols. If you match the required number of symbols, you'll earn the corresponding lucky points (LPoints) based on the prize table below. Keep in mind that the symbols are counted on a single card.
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2 matches: 1 LPoint
3 matches: 10 LPoints
4 matches: 100 LPoints
5 matches: 1,000 LPoints
Special Prize
Match 6 Otara tokens: Win 100 USDT
The more symbols you match, the higher your rewards! Aim for the special prize by matching all 6 Otara tokens on a single card to win the grand prize of 100 USDT. Keep playing and scratching to increase your chances of hitting the lucky combinations and earning big!

Rule of cards provided

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Every hour, you receive a free scratch card in your card library. Each card has 24-hour expiration. You can access Ota Scratch many times to scratch all the cards you’ve received, and don’t let them expire. After the expiration, you are not able to use these cards for scratch. The expired cards will be deleted from the library. No cost is required to own the card. Everything is free!
Each card has 9 hidden symbols. You should scratch all of them to expose 9 out of 9 and see if you earn the Otara symbols.

The reward

Lucky Point
Lucky Point (LPoint) is collected when you successfully discover the Otara symbols. You will receive the LPoint reward and can accumulate it as much as possible.
As the essential entry, the LPoint is used to redeem the Jackpot ticket in Ota Jackpot. The more LPoints you earn, the more JackPot tickets you can redeem.
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Cash reward
For those who successfully reveal a card with six Otara symbols, they will receive 100 USDT. Imota offers a weekly 100 USDT reward to the community.
The reward pool is filled up every week. You are able to win many times.
If you have more scratching cards accumulated, you have a higher opportunity to own 6 Otara symbols on a card and seize the cash reward.
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The reward distribution

We will certainly announce the winner in our official communication channels to reach you the best.
The winners have 15 days to connect our support team and redeem the prize. The particular instructions on how to redeem the reward will be elaborated for winners.
You should provide us these materials to verify your identification:
  • Your wallet address or bank account information
  • A short video to introduce yourself and your exposure.
  • A picture about you and your in-app winning announcement
  • Your best portrait picture for our celebration page
  • Other documents
We will automatically deliver the reward to your account or the wallet you specified following document validation.
To create seamless and unbounded experiences, we encourage users to move across multiple exciting roads with Scratch and Win, opening the unique adventure to Ota Jackpot with your attempts. No time for considering! You comprehensively understand and hold the key to go straight into Scratch and Win, let’s kick off!
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