Otara Mining Evolution - Upgrade Otara Mining

Otara Mining Evolution - Upgrade Otara Mining

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Why did Imota upgrade Otara Mining?

Last June, Imota undertook a comprehensive user survey to devise an Otara mining scheme that would best suit the needs of the majority of users, all while upholding community development objectives, ensuring fairness, and mitigating inflation and the wastage of Otara resources. This endeavor involved extensive research, including a thorough analysis of secondary data, in-depth interviews, and extensive surveys involving over 6,000 Imota users.
Throughout this survey, a clear majority of respondents expressed support for a plan that doesn't impose a cap on Otara mining speed at 4.8, and voiced their preference for a mining speed that isn't primarily contingent on the number of recruited downlines. Imota diligently listened, documented opinions, rigorously assessed, conducted further research, and subsequently made the decision to implement a new Otara mining mechanism that aligns with the aforementioned criteria.
You can read more about the survey results here:

What's new with Mining Evolution?

Mining speed depends only on Daily Streak

A user's Otara mining speed no longer depends on the number of downlines (except Referral mining). This will make users' chances of owning an equal amount of Otara, creating a balanced position and favorable conditions when Otara Mainet.
Besides, Otara's rank and mining speed have also been upgraded to 8 levels.
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More Otara mining sessions

Users still have 3 mining sessions per day, but the number of mining turn in each session will increase to 3 times/session. Includes: Daily mining, Double mining, and Referral mining (Otara commission from downline)
Daily Mining: Has a speed that depends on the number of Daily Streaks and is no longer dependent on the number of downlines.
Double Mining: X2 the number Otara receives after watching the ad.
Referral mining is the Otara commission you receive from your downline, specifically:
RB = (MS X 20% X RD)/3
In there:
  • RB - Referral Bonus is the number of Otara you receive for each Referral mining turn.
  • MS - Mining Speed is the mining speed.
  • RD - Referral Downline - Number of your active downlines. The number of RDs is counted based on the number of downlines actively digging Otara the previous day.
  • 3 is the number of sessions per day.
For example: You have a mining speed of 0.25 Otara/session, the number of your active downlines that mined Otara yesterday was 48, then the number of Otara you received in each Referral mining turn is:
(0.25 x 20% x 48) / 3 = 0.8 Otara.

Upgrade the mining recovery feature

In the old version, if you missed a mining session, it could only be recovered in the next mining session 8 hours away. But in this version of Mining Evolution, you can recover missed mining sessions for up to 48 hours. From there, even though Imota users are busy, they can still exploit enough Otara to help manage their time effectively.

Review of Otara Mining Evolution

The new Otara mining scheme removes the limit of 48 downlines, which means that miners holding a mining speed of 4.8 will no longer be limited and can increase the amount of Otara they receive unlimitedly.
In addition, Imota also improves users' Otara mining experience through a new interface and activities on Imota - which will be launched soon.
We hope that this new Otara mining scheme will receive a good response from the Imota user community while creating strong growth momentum in the future and bringing great value to the existing user community and will be accompanying Imota.