Hot! Otara Wheel - Lucky Wheel Game officially launched

Hot! Otara Wheel - Lucky Wheel Game officially launched

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In the new update, Imota has launched the game Otara Wheel - Wheel of Fortune with the opportunity to receive many more attractive rewards. In particular, you can completely participate in the game for free. Please read the article carefully to understand the game rules and not miss the opportunity.

Otara Wheel Rules

Like other lucky wheel games, Otara Wheel will allow players to use spins to earn rewards easily. Otara Wheel promises to bring you wonderful experiences and pleasant surprises.
Here are some rules you need to keep in mind so you don't miss your turn and increase your chances of winning:
  • You will receive one free spin when you log into the Imota app every day.
  • In addition to 1 free spin per day, you can perform tasks or watch ads to earn more spins.
  • Before spinning, you can watch ads to increase your winning rate, up to 5 times/day.
  • You can accumulate spins over the day. However, spins accumulated during the week will expire the following Monday if not used. So check back often and don't miss any spins.
  • Every week, the Top 10 leader board owners who own "energy stones" will share the reward pool.

Attractive rewards in Otara Wheel

What rewards will you receive when playing Otara Wheel?
  • Otara tokens.
  • Energy stones help you race to the top every week.
  • In particular, 10 leaderboards that own Energy Stones will share the reward pool of the Otara Wheel.

How to get more spins

You can do the following tasks to get a turn at Otara Wheel:
Spin bonus
Maximum number of times per day
Login Imota app
Get 1 spin
1 time
Watching ads
Get 1 spin
5 times
Inviting 1 new friend and that person must have mining activity within 24 hours.
Get 1 spin
1 time
Share on Twitter
Get 1 spin
1 time
Share on Facebook
Get 1 spin
1 time
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