[Updated] The optimal FAQ for beginners

[Updated] The optimal FAQ for beginners

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Welcome to Imota! We know this is your first step, but rest assured. In this article, we are going to give you a comprehensive explanation of Imota and Otara, even though you have just heard about this. In particular, we elaborate on how to join Imota to mine Otara, and what you need to do to keep up with the community.

What are Imota and Otara?

Imota is the name of our ecosystem and application. To join the project and decide to believe in it from the initial stage, you need to clearly know whether the project has development potential or not, and what value it brings to the community. This section will introduce you to what important factors the Imota ecosystem includes and why Otara token is important and exploited by many people.
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Imota is generated with the mission of pioneering in decentralized earning, through the user's process of participating and contributing to the platform. The Imota ecosystem compasses many different functions, responsibilities and components, helping to create diverse income and sustainable value. It includes:
  • Ecosystem’s heart: Otara token - the Imota's governance token and is being mined for free
  • Advertising platform: where advertisers work with Imota to deploy ads on the application
  • User engagement tools: developers can build functions and programs that interact with users to bring benefits to them on the ecosystem
  • Wallet: includes non-custodial wallets and DeFi services that help users manage their income streams
  • Third-party applications: allow third parties to integrate the suitable applications to join our community and bring advantages to them
In this ecosystem, the Otara token acts as an energy source that provides electricity and operations for all mechanisms. Otara is also the life of Imota, measuring ecosystem value and organizing activities for participants.
Otara Token is born to provide realistic and re-balanced value for users when participating in the ecosystem. When you take the time to join and use Imota, explore the functions or experience the platform, you can earn Otara on Imota, which will help generate profits and potential income for you in the future.
To clearly understand how Imota operates and what problems it solves, as well as how the platform can pave the way for sustainable growth, read on our White Paper. You also are interpreted about the project's development path, when will Otara have value, and the solid fundamentals that create the expected value of this token.

Start mining Otara

If you already know the Otara’s crucial role and how willing the miners are to own it, you definitely want to join immediately and have your first Otara token in your account. No need to wait too long, we will show you how to get Otara simply right on your smartphone.
The action for owning Otara is called “mining”, meaning you will “mine” to collect Otara every day. Otara mining takes place right on your phone, and with just easy access, no need for a strong device or robust technical knowledge.
Step 1: Download the Imota app on your app store (Google /Apple)
Step 2: Open the application, register with your Google/Apple ID account
Step 3: Immediately after registration, you will see the mining screen. Now just click "Mine" and you have contributed to the platform, and will be returned 0.1 Otara. The screen displays a notification when the next mining session is coming. Don't miss it.
Step 4: Learn instructions for speeding up and other functions to help users earn more Otara such as: Keep daily streak, Recovering mining sessions, Refer friends to get commission, Play Otara Wheel, etc.
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You have successfully commenced  the mining streak and receive Otara! To get more Otara, take the time to learn about other functions in the app and follow the guide.
You should keep mining 3 sessions per day (which are recovered within 24 hours by watching ads), and reach the 30-day streak to get mining speed 1.0 Otara.

What are the benefits of owning Otara?

Like other cryptocurrencies, although it is free and easy to mine, Otara is still part of Imota's exclusive control mechanism and unique strategy, to ensure sustainable value and scarcity in the market. In other words, the easy exploitation mechanism aims to help all users in the community have equal income opportunities, based entirely on each person's contributions and efforts to build the community, regardless of the user's technical skill or finance.
When listed on the exchange in the first quarter of 2025, Otara would be exchanged as other cryptocurrencies in CEX/DEX platform. Otara owners can choose to buy or sell, or would rather hold Otara to receive incentives and rewards from Imota for their contribution and support to create the Otara scarcity.
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The strategy of sharing 70% of revenue from Imota to Otara owners will be implemented as soon as the listing takes place. The more Otara they hold, the more profits they receive.

Complete Mainnet Checklist to catch up with the community

In addition to successfully participating in Otara mining and continuing to maintain its pace, users are encouraged to join the Mainnet Checklist. Mainnet will take place in the fourth quarter of 2024, to validate the quality of data and information of the entire project before integrating and publishing in the transparent Blockchain workspace. Understandably, to successfully list Otara and ensure smooth operation on trading platforms, Imota needs to go through an important Mainnet step to check all project data, including your account and your Otara balance.
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As a result, to join and migrate your Otara to Mainnet with us, click “Join” Mainnet Checklist in your account. There will be a list of activities that need to be passed to verify the account’s authenticity, including but not limited to: mining, watching ads, rating the Imota app, inviting a friend,... Completing missions and reaching 100 points will help you successfully enter the Mainnet queue with a Standard badge. Subsequently, continue mining Otara and wait for the Mainnet process to take place, as your Otara number and data are qualified and passed the project’s validation.
At the moment, are you confident in starting your Otara mining journey? It's never too late to open up a new earning and end up with your financial thriving! During the mining, don’t miss the latest update by joining Imota’s communication channels!