[Unique Day 11.11] White Paper Imota will be launched

[Unique Day 11.11] White Paper Imota will be launched

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This November will be the golden time that the Imota user communities are most looking forward to with a series of changes and developments from the platform. Especially in there, the milestone of November 11 is very impressive because that is the day the Imota White Paper will officially launch on all our media channels.

When will the White Paper released?

Since mid-October, the information of the Imota White Paper release has spread widely among the community of Imota Ambassadors. Now we selected the suitable time to announce the official White Paper to our users and all crypto investors.
November 11, 2023 is officially the day the Imota White Paper will be available on our communication channels including social media channels, app and website.
Accompanying this event, our strategic partner Remitano will also provide media support to spread key information and this important milestone to Remitano users so they can quickly and accurately seize golden investment opportunities in the project.

What will the White Paper bring to you?

As not only an investor but also a veteran Otara miner, we know you are investing a lot of efforts and contributions into the project and enriching the Otara mining program and the development of Imota ecosystem by your expectations. By clearly understanding your insights, in this event, we also announced a roadmap of building and developing the Imota ecosystem in the long-run from now to 2024. Important milestones will be highlighted for investors to grasp, evaluate and make timely investment decisions and participate in projects.
In the official White Paper on November 11, you will also find out the detailed roadmap of the Otara token, the mining period and its end time, the total supply and the Otara token distribution rate.
In particular, what key role will Imota's ecosystem and its mission play in the Blockchain space and web3 industry? How will our practical applications with users be built to always protect your benefits? The answer will be in the White Paper - officially published on November 11, 2023.
Everything you need to make an investment decision is in the White Paper. Let’s celebrate this awesome milestone with us and jump into extremely attractive events with the special reward pools! Don’t forget to share this important information with your crypto community!
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