White Paper Discovery P1- Where do Imota revenue streams come from?

White Paper Discovery P1- Where do Imota revenue streams come from?

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  1. 3 main revenue streams: (1) Advertising and affiliate marketing revenue; (2) Customer subscription; (3) In-app purchases and services
  1. Users are benefited appropriately by tokens when viewing ads at Imota. Token rewards will be valid in the future, especially when Imota lists on the exchange and implements the BuyBack strategy.
  1. Revenue sharing mechanism ensures a user-driven system and respects the value of data and users' contributions in the digital data economy.
  1. 70% of advertising revenue is used to distribute back for token holders after Otara listing. Henceforth, the more users interact with ads, the more revenues they will receive.
Business Model - a business model is a presentation of how a specific product or service is operated and the revenue generating mechanism. In the project's business model, users are provided with intuitive and potential information about the financial development plan, the business vision and the crucial sources that bring revenue to the platform.
In a crypto project, and in an expansion-oriented ecosystem, the potential and main resources that bring in revenue are important factors to evaluate the development direction of the specific project. If the revenue source is solid, durable, prospective, and closely follows market tastes, it will provide a higher guarantee for the value system and success.
In the Imota ecosystem, there are 3 main business sources that create revenue resources. In the future, by understanding and listening to market needs, potential sources of revenue and benefits to the community will be considered for expansion.
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1. Revenue from advertising and affiliate marketing

Acting as a data hub for developers and the new data economy, almost all Imota's revenue comes from advertising and affiliate marketing partners. When users interact with ads and perform missions in the app, they contribute to revenue for the ecosystem. Contributors are also awarded for their efforts with specific Buy-Back strategies, extracting the platform's revenue for periodic distribution to token holders..
Compassing the Otara token - the heart of the Imota ecosystem, the more and longer users hold this token, they will respectively receive benefits and prior rights from the project. Each source of user-contributed revenue is strategically distributed back to them in order to recognize users' participation and contributions in the decentralized data economy.

2. Revenue from subscription data sources

Each registration from a user brings revenue to the Imota application platform. We also plan to expand our revenue stream by introducing relevant and valuable services to our users based on subscriptions. Revenue is generated through recurring disbursal streams. Subscription packages will include premier, limited and focused features that serve the unique needs of users.

3. Revenue from services and in-app purchases

The Imota ecosystem includes premier services and in-app purchase functionality through games and other products. While using the app, users can also make in-app purchases to buy the items they need. These transactions also contribute to Imota revenue, while users will enjoy advanced functions, paid limit options, and unlimited entertainment.

4. How will the ad revenue benefit them?

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If you watch ads on other platforms, it means you spend your interaction and time for advertisers. Advertisers and development teams gain access to their potential customers, but you will not receive anything in return except for only spending your time as a hidden cost to use their platform.
But with Imota, our users are the core factor that creates value through interaction and time, so they deserve to receive rewards corresponding to that effort. For each ad view at Imota, users are recognized with Otara token rewards, also creating a future revenue source for themselves. 70% of our revenue (including from advertising sources) will go to Buy-Back strategy after listing to serve the benefit of the community and share platform revenue for token holders.
For every ad you watch, 70% of the revenue from it will return to your pocket in the future, the remaining 30% will be used to develop the ecosystem, where you are the center and play a decisive role in product development.
The more ads are interacted in the Imota ecosystem, the more revenues are shared back to users. The parallel mechanism of both generating revenue and distributing token rewards ensures that in the future Otara will always have a stable trading volume and high liquidity within the long run strategy.
Stay tuned and get ready for the next episode: Part 2 - Imota Roadmap Slicing - From the specificial strategies to Mainnet journey.