White Paper Discovery P2 - The project’s roadmap and 70% revenue-sharing strategy

White Paper Discovery P2 - The project’s roadmap and 70% revenue-sharing strategy

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Highlight values in Roadmap include:
  1. Mainnet time: 4th quarter, 2024
  1. Listing on DEX and CEX: 1st quarter of 2025
  1. Value token management strategy: Utilize 70% of platform revenue to implement a long-term Buy-back strategy, thereby sharing the earned revenue back with holders
  1. Token Distribution Strategy: Dual Token Unlocking Mechanism
  1. Project development strategy: Unceasingly enrich the system features and open integration for developers/businesses to serve the needs of Otara holders
  1. Holder’s benefit after listing time: Receive up to 70% of shared revenue and enjoy a stable increase in Otara value guaranteed by the team's token governance policy.
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The roadmap not only aids investors in identifying the project’ potential but also showcases the team's capacity and the project’s reality compared to the current commitment.
The Imota project’s roadmap is divided into 4 important stages. At the time of writing, Imota has successfully launched the official White Paper and has garnered a robust user community of over 300,000 members across 60 different nations.

Phase 1: Build a Solid Foundation and Infrastructure

Officially launched on Google Play on November 11, 2022, and subsequently on the App Store, the Imota Wallet application has successfully implemented the web3 wallet function. This feature allows users to manage and exchange over 2,500 tokens across multiple chains. Imota’s paramount and distinctive technology is the on/off ramp system (in collaboration with Remitano) enabling users to buy Stablecoins through bank transfers and vice versa.

Phase 2: Establishing an Earning Mechanism for Users

After the successful release of the free Otara mining feature, users can easily create an account, access the mining dashboard, and quickly receive Otara without expending significant resources. With a robust user community and increasing investment demands, we have been focused on essential updates for the mining platform from the 3rd quarter of 2023. Building an operating system that enables users to earn the surplus incomes in the web3 workspace and the decentralized finance world is a crucial task that requires dedicated time.

Phase 3: Otara Listing on DEX/CEX and Revenue Distribution

As per the milestone set for the 4th quarter 2024, Mainnet Otara will be launched to prepare for listing on DEX and CEX as expected. This highly anticipated moment brings both excitement and apprehension for investors and Otara holders.
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Our team is committed to a long-term strategy to maintain the ecosystem’s value. Alongside the listing, Imota will conduct the Buy-Back Strategy and Dual Token Unlocking Mechanism. This commitment ensures the long-term value of Otara tokens and shares revenue with Otara holders.
The more users interact with the Imota platform through ads, the more real value of 70% of the total revenue will be shared back with them. This ensures the future value of Otara has more prospects thanks to the liquidity management strategy.

Phase 4: Ongoing Development and User Adoption

The project will not conclude after publicization. We understand that continuous efforts to build a healthy ecosystem will enhance the project’s value and significantly grow the community’s shared revenue. Starting from the 2nd quarter of 2025, in addition to distributing revenue to users, we will leverage accumulated resources to develop key features empowering Imota to become an open cross-platform and integrated application serving the community's benefit by the value of Otara.
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Imota project’s roadmap not just unveils the critical moments such as Mainnet or Listing time. In each quarter, the project’s team will also publicize the short-term roadmap of feature groups development and ecosystem innovation. Following that duration, the investors easily keep an eye and assess the project’s potential from now on for accumulative decisions.
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