White Paper Discovery P3 - Otara Tokenomics

White Paper Discovery P3 - Otara Tokenomics

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Highlight values in Roadmap include:
  1. Total Supply: 300,000,000 Otara tokens
  1. Token Utilities: (1) Revenue Sharing; (2) Staking and Earning; (3) Incentives and Privileges; (4) Service Fees; (5) Transaction Fees; (6) Liquidity; (7) Governance
  1. Token Distribution Rate: 70% (210M) to the community; 20% (60M) for the team and consultants; 10% (30M) for strategic partners
When it comes to the cryptocurrency industry, it's necessary to understand the foundational knowledge and meaning of Tokenomics. Combining 'token' and 'economics,' Tokenomics is a term that encompasses all the crucial information and concepts related to the value of a token. It determines the potential economic value of the token, helping investors predict the project's success from the white paper stage
Tokenomics Imota provides comprehensive information about the economic aspects of Otara, regarding the generation and distribution mechanism, incentive system, supply and demand, token utility, and revenue distribution strategy.

Otara Total Supply

The total supply of Otara is set at 300,000,000 tokens (three hundred million tokens). This is not the final circulating supply. Depending on the listing strategy and the purpose of using the token (locking or burning), in many different ways, the actual circulating supply may change.

Token utility

Token utility is a content that describes the useful features and value of the token in the ecosystem. It allows you to understand the potential, liquidity, and adoption of the token in the crypto economy. In addition to the actual needs, when it comes to the White Paper, users can see what use cases the project’s team designs for the token.
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Otara's utility in the ecosystem is designed as follows:
Revenue sharing: Otara is counted as an exchange unit in the Buy-Back strategy that shares 70% of platform revenue back to users. Token holders completely can earn 70% shares of Imota through Buy-Back and Dual Token Unlocking mechanism.
Staking and Earning: The stakeholders participate to stake Otara in the platform, receive interest and enhance their contributions and cohesive relationships with the Imota ecosystem.
Valuable incentives and limited privileges: Token holders enjoy discounts and exclusive deals from partners and enterprises in the Imota ecosystem, providing premier and diverse experiences.
Service fees: a variety of features require payment in Otara tokens for access, creating an integrated ecosystem and a seamless experience.
Transaction fees: integrated with the Imota web3 wallet, users can use Otara tokens to conveniently and quickly pay transaction fees.
Liquidity: when providing liquidity on Imota's decentralized exchange or integrated exchanges, users can earn Otara as a reward.
Participate in governance: Holding the amount of Otara means holding shares of Imota, therefore the owner will help shape the Imota ecosystem through voting mechanisms and playing the decisive role in development direction for the platform.

Token distribution

Following the illustrative image as below, the number of tokens will be divided into 3 parts for 3 distinct purposes:
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  • 70% of total supply (210M): distributed to the user community in 3 parts. 150 million Otara are mined according to a fair distribution mechanism. 30 million Otara tokens are used for incentive and the remaining 30 million are treasury reserves.
  • 20% of total supply (60M): distributed to developers team and advisors.
  • 10% of total supply (30M): distributed to strategic partners.

Token distribution analysis

The more tokens the community holds, the lower the risk and pressure on price manipulation from organizations/teams. The majority (70%) of tokens in the hands of the community will help investors and their holding strategy determine the future value of the token. User-first revenue distribution is also part of the positioning strategy as a platform that nurtures equitable benefits for users, develops long-term value and expands the ecosystem with mass adoption.
Currently, Otara tokens are being allocated to users by a free mining program. To mine Otara daily before the program closes for the Mainnet, you can download Imota here and follow the instructions in the application.
Quickly log in to mine Otara: Select Create new account and Tap to mine
Free Otara distribution programs include but are not limited to:
  • Daily mining on the app to reach maximum speed (1.00 Otara)
  • Refer friends, receive commissions in Otara
  • Join the Imota Ambassador program to get Otara commissions per month
  • Join Imota's free Otara Airdrop events
  • Complete missions in Imota Earning to get ULA + Otara
  • Otara earning features coming soon
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