Announcing Ota Scratch Winner - Mohammed Lawan Abubakar

Announcing Ota Scratch Winner - Mohammed Lawan Abubakar

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Meet our Ota Scratch game winner, Mohammed Lawan Abubakar, who won 100 USDT by playing Imota's exciting scratch game. Join now and win Lpoints & USDT!
We are thrilled to introduce Mohammed Lawan Abubakar, our first 100 USDT prize winner of the Ota Scratch game! Mr. Mohammed matched 6 Otara symbols in the Ota Scratch game on May 16th, with the symbols appearing randomly during the game.
Imota conducted a meeting with Mr. Mohammed Lawan Abubakar to confirm his win and proceed with the rewarding process.
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Mohammed Lawan Abubakar is an active member of the Imota community and has shown incredible enthusiasm in participating in our games. His dedication has paid off, earning him the top prize in our latest Ota Scratch game.

Mohammed’s Share on Winning Ota Scratch

Mohammed shared his excitement with us, saying, "I am very happy, I am very excited about this win. I made a post on my Twitter account, my Facebook, and my Telegram group so many people can see it, and they believe it is real and transparent."
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Mohammed’s social share in the winning of Ota Scratch
During the meeting, Mohammed also shared his long journey with Imota and how he plans to use his prize.
He confirmed that he has been mining Otara tokens for a year now, never missing a single day, and consistently sharing updates about new features and developments on the platform. His unwavering dedication and commitment have made him a familiar face in the Imota community.
Initially, Mohammed didn't believe he would ever win. He played every day, driven not by dreams of big prizes but simply to accumulate Lpoints. Mohammed's unexpected win not only brought him joy but also inspired his entire network of downlines, strengthening their belief in Imota's fairness and transparency. This victory meant so much to him that he plans to use his prize to support his family and invest further in his personal business.
His story is a testament to the excitement and joy that Ota Scratch brings to our community. Congratulations, Mohammed!

What is Ota Scratch?

Ota Scratch is a free-to-play game in Imota where users collect and scratch cards to win exciting prizes like Lpoints and up to 100 USDT. It’s simple, engaging, and rewarding!
Stay tuned to meet our next prize winner and hear their amazing journey with Imota!
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