What is Imota Mainnet Checklist?

What is Imota Mainnet Checklist?

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Imota’s users are invited to join the prestigious Mainnet Checklist, a selective opportunity qualifying one’s eligibility for Otara’s forthcoming Mainnet launch. Participating in this exclusive journey prepares our community for the release.
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The free Otara mining program from Imota

Imota is a mining and web3 earning platform, positioned as a pioneer in decentralized revenue, helping users receive an equitable income related to their participation in the Imota ecosystem and the whole data economy. Imota allows each user to easily join the community via email or Apple ID, and even allows for participation in guest mode (using a guest ID). Users can begin earning Otara tokens immediately by simply touching the Imota’s screen.
The official governance token for Imota is Otara, which can be easily mined through the Imota app. Users visit the app daily to maintain a streak, earning Otara tokens by tapping the "Mine" button. According to the latest update, there are three mining sessions each day, spaced 8 hours apart. These sessions are divided into three turns: basic mining, bonus mining (which involves watching ads), and referral commissions mining.
To get started, download Imota here (Android and iOS)

Past progress and upcoming roadmap in 2024

Officially launched in 2023, Imota has undergone numerous updates and user-centric enhancements, and it is now operating smoothly on the Emerald Mining version, featuring an optimal and visually appealing user interface. The Otarian community, consisting of Otara owners, has grown to over 600,000 members globally.
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Looking ahead to 2024, Otara is set to join the queue for Mainnet in the 4th quarter, with plans to start listing on both DEX and CEX in early 2025. The project's detailed roadmap is available in the Imota White Paper. In preparation for the Mainnet launch, Imota is focused on refining and adding advanced functions and mechanisms.
🚩 A Mainnet Checklist is also being developed and is expected to be integrated into the app by February 2024.
This allows users to continue mining Otara tokens with ease, while also completing the Mainnet Checklist to ensure their accounts and Otara balances enjoy the privileges of 2024 Mainnet.

How important is the Imota Mainnet Checklist?

We appreciate users' dedication to the Imota ecosystem shown through community participation and support. The Mainnet Checklist validates users' high engagement and readiness to migrate their accounts to the blockchain.
Qualifying for the Checklist is a privilege that gives users priority access once the Mainnet launches, allowing them to seamlessly migrate their Otara tokens.
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The Mainnet Checklist serves as an initial step for users to verify their accounts ahead of the Mainnet release. Users can directly access the Checklist in-app and complete tasks to earn at least 100 points for eligibility. Actions like downloading the app, signing up, mining Otara, and joining the community count toward points. Helping to build the Imota community is crucial. Users can earn 50 Checklist points by inviting friends, giving them the chance to join the Standard Queue.
The Mainnet Checklist aims to encourage contribution by eliminating barriers to join our community. We celebrate each user's engagement on the platform and reward interactions through Mainnet Checklist achievements.


Mainnet Checklist Imota is a list of to-do tasks to authenticate user accounts in the Imota ecosystem before the Mainnet. Each account entering the Mainnet stage needs to accumulate at least 100 points in the Mainnet Checklist. Users can still mine and complete this list directly on the Imota app from now until Mainnet time.
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